Test Centres

A safe way towards confident decision making. We encourage all our customers to carry out full-scale trials, to replicate site conditions. This approach minimises project risk for all parties and promotes confident decision making.


We have 5 major Test Centres around the world, each equipped with production-scale equipment.


The Test Centres are used to prove the system for:

  • Blending performance and prevention of segregation
  • Accuracy and speed of Dosing/Packing performance
  • Levels of containment and dust-free handling
  • Material Flow and discharge capability
  • Cleaning (wet & dry) - time and effort required, swab testing
  • System interface/integration
  • Throughput and production capacity
  • Gentle Tablet Handling

The Test Plant features a fully functioning IBC-based tracking system ‘Track-Record’, which provides manufacturers with the ability to track ingredients and recipes throughout the production process.


Tests are carried out with the clients material where possible, however if there is a risk of contamination, then a placebo is used. Matcon encourages clients to witness the testing to gain first-hand experience of how a Matcon solution could be incorporated into their own facility. On completion of a test, a detailed test report is prepared outlining testing settings, protocol and results.


The UK test facility is suitable as a pilot plant for live production, fulfilling clients’ often stringent quality and hygiene standards.


In addition to our Test Centres we have a wide range of rental units which can be transported to your production site for trials.


Terms of use: The test facilities are internationally available. Prior to any trials, a feasibility study is undertaken to ensure product suitability. Dates are required to be scheduled dependent upon availability. The associated cost of shipping the product to and from the site is covered by the client. Material Safety Data information is required to be reviewed by Matcon prior to testing.


  Our Test Centres Worldwide:


Worldwide Test Centers


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