Technical Overview


Matcon has always been an R&D focused enterprise resulting in many innovative and brand new solutions supplied to the powder handling industry.


As part of our R&D programme, as well as our day to day project execution and management, we have to ensure that our equipment and solutions are safe to use and easy to clean.


The European Union introduced a series of measures to simplify the movement of goods throughout the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Area (EFTA). Some of these measures are known as 'New Approach Directives'; these provide controls on product design and above all, seek to harmonize product safety requirements across Europe.


The directives cover a wide range of product areas which are relevant to Matcon. Their primary objective to ensure that the products are well designed, and safe for the user.


The Machinery (2006/42/EC) and ATEX (94/9/EC) Directives are examples of New Approach Directives designed to regulate machinery in the European Union by CE Marking.



Matcon IBC's



Product assessment, third-party testing and technical file assessments are some of the steps Matcon take to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Legislation and certification to the relevant harmonised standards.


Matcon follows a very rigorous quality control system which has been awarded with ISO 9001 certification in 2014. The ISO 9001 standard has been formulated by the International Standards Organisation and offers independent third party certification. The standard focuses on an organisation’s `Quality Management System` (QMS) and specifically concentrates on quality control from the process of product design through to production, including any after-sale service. Matcon have achieved accreditation by continually improving our in house `Quality Management System` and providing a system that has the capacity to implement and document change accordingly.