Pharmaceutical Product Modules


Matcon specialises in providing efficient and flexible handling of powders, granules and tablets using IBC systems, offering a complete range of IBC solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, including formulation systems and IBC blenders. By understanding our customers’ processes and requirements, we can provide solutions for LEAN materials handling throughout the manufacturing process – from initial dispensing through to packing of the tablets.


Whether you are upgrading an existing facility or designing a new one, it is essential to consider the impact of materials handling on the overall performance of your plant. Matching the capacity of the IBC system with the throughput of each processing stage is vital to avoid unnecessary splitting or combining of batches. This is something that we at Matcon understand well and can help you with to get the best from your facility.



Handling Powders & Granules in IBCs

It is important to note that not all IBCs are the same. Central to the Matcon technology is the Cone Valve which enables our IBCs to achieve automated and controlled discharge without segregation. This is critical when feeding to Roll Compaction or Direct Compression where the product must remain consistent at all times. Over the years our IBCs have been put to the test and proven themselves to be successful, even when handling notoriously difficult products such as Metformin.


With a range of sizes from 300L to 3500L the Matcon IBCs will fit your production requirements precisely.


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Handling Tablets in IBCs

Compared with boxes, kegs or drums the Matcon Tablet Handling system significantly reduces time consuming and error prone manual activities. Using the Matcon Tablet IBCs to transfer tablets and capsules between processes reduces the number of container movements and reduces labour requirements, whilst improving the OEE rates of processing equipment. The Matcon Tablet IBCs are designed for gentle handling avoiding tablet or capsule damage during the filling or emptying process.


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As all the modules are stand-alone they can easily be expanded as demand grows.


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