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Containment – Filling and Discharge


Matcon Systems have a reputation for being dust-free. The equipment is made "fit for purpose" based on the specification of containment that is selected.


Matcon’s Cone Valve IBC systems are known for their ability to discharge blended powders and granules without segregation, for gentle tablet handling, and for complete and automatic discharge of a wide range of materials (including “poor flowing” materials).


Containment - Filling & Discharge

In addition to this we offer a range of containment solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the materials that are being handled.


For example, the addition of “air wash” and secondary extraction systems makes it possible to achieve OEB 4 containment levels (OEL 1 - 10µg/m3).


With the addition of automatic IBC loading and valve cap removal / replacement then it is possible to achieve containment levels down to 1µg/m3



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