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Matcon Service Agent Training Week

May 2016



As part of the continued Customer Excellence program that is being rolled out by the After Market Business Line, Matcon hosted a training seminar for our Far East and European Agents. The goal was to provide knowledge on the core Matcon equipment to allow our Agents to provide local service activities in their territories. This provides customers with the reassurance of having technical support in their region with all of the advantages of local language, quick response time and backed up by the confidence that the Agents have been certified in their training by Matcon.


The week was well attended by representatives from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark and Holland. The training took a back to basics approach and was a balance of theory and practical sessions with all of the engineers getting their hands on the equipment under the supervision of our Service Account managers.

The training was held in the always impressive Matcon Test Plant, where Discharge Valves, Discharge Stations and Blenders were stripped down and rebuilt. Time was also set aside for observing the meticulous procedures that are performed during a cone reseal with the attention to detail displayed by our resident cone reseal expert on show. It was during the hands on stage of this training that the team understood that there is a level of art into resealing and its not as easy as when first observed.



The week finished off with a theory exam to ensure that the lessons of the week had been understood by all and that they could be certified as Matcon Service Engineers.


'It was a very productive and enjoyable week for all concerned. I look forward to working with our newly qualified Service Agents and the support they can now offer to their region.' - Dave Bowles, After Market Manager, The Customer Excellence Team.


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Matcon Service Agent Training Week