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“Because of the increasingly diverse range of different additives we blend together for our companion and performance animal supplements we needed to source a blending system that could cope with challenging raw materials which can present a cross contamination risk.

We approached Matcon because of the experience and success they have had with their Cone Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

They carried out several blending tests for us in their test facilities which demonstrated very good dispersion of our ingredients, particularly with these novel materials. The system also demonstrated the ability to discharge these blended materials to the packing machine without de-mixing.

Inclusion of the Matcon IBC blending system has increased the range and quality of pre-mixes we can offer to our customers whilst retaining our high quality assurance standards. By being able to offer this flexible approach the use of Matcon equipment has provided us with a strong advantage over our competitors.

We have been very impressed with Matcon’s service from the testing stage to the installation and appreciate their ongoing high level of service and support.”

Rod Prince, International and Pet Business Director, Trouw Nutrition GB



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