Other Industries

Whether you’re handling dry iron sulphate in IBCs on a scientific research ship in the Southern Ocean or chopped up car tyres for recycling - Matcon have provided the solution.  In recent years, our equipment supply has diversified to include systems for the formulation of numerous refractory materials, the dosing and mixing of specialty ingredients for revolutionary carpeting, and many other niche manufacturers challenged to provide Lean and cost effective handling solutions.


Some of the other industries that we have experience in, include:

    1. Tobacco – wet and sticky
    2. Nuclear – requires absolute containment
    3. Minerals  - poor flowing and bridging
    4. …and many more

Matcon's IBC Systems are used in a number of different applications, taking advantage of the many benefits that we can provide:

    1. Increased flexibility and productivity
    2. The ability to get materials out of an IBC that others can't
    3. Improved containment solutions
    4. Special requirements (i.e. space saving solutions, high temperature solutions etc.)

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