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Cone Valve Technology


The Cone Valve is at the heart of the Matcon IBC technology. It offers automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type. In fact, the Cone Valve technology wins where other transfer systems have failed.



The Cone Valve has been proven again & again to overcome the traditional powder handling issues of:


Matcon IBC's

  • Bridging
  • Rat-holing
  • Segregation
  • Degradation


Cohesive materials can be stimulated to flow, whilst very free-flowing powders can be controlled.


The discharge process is automatically regulated, delivering a consistent, controlled feed to the downstream equipment, which enables it to operate efficiently, thereby maximising its throughput.


When discharging blended or mixed powder to the packing stage, the Cone Valve protects it against segregation, so the consistency of the finished mix is retained throughout the discharge process, resulting in a quality product in the final pack.



Matcon Cone Valve

Matcon Cone Valve


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How the Cone Valve works:


The pulsing action and in-built vibration of the Cone Valve stimulates the flow of powder, even for quite sticky powder compositions. This means that with a Matcon IBC system there is no need for running noisy frame vibrators continuously or using hammers to get all the material out.

  • This lifting and vibrating action of the Cone Valve breaks any bridges that may be likely to appear.
  • When the Cone Valve is raised it creates an annular gap at the outlet of the IBC, which causes material to flow in a mass-flow manner, thereby protecting the blended mix against segregation or degradation on transfer.
  • The vertical lifting action of the Cone Valve means that the flow of material can be well controlled, even to the point of providing accurate metered feeds for batch dosing. This removes the need for any secondary screw feeders or other such devices which can be cumbersome to clean.
  • The Cone Valve enables the flow of material to be easily and cleanly stopped, so that part empty IBCs can be removed; useful if batches need to be split or the process below must be stopped.
  • Along with the intrinsic design of the discharge station, the controlled, vertical lifting of the Cone Valve ensures gentle handling of powders.
  • Once the IBC is 'docked' on the Discharge Station all processes are fully automatic so there is no need to make any manual connections, which can improve efficiency.

And finally...


The Cone Valve and Discharge Station design gives a dust-free operation due to a combination of using an outer 'lip-seal' on the discharge station hopper, along with an 'alpha-beta' coupling between the IBC and the discharge station probe which engages and controls the Cone Valve. In fact, this level of containment satisfies the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry.


This containment makes the Matcon IBC system ideal where Allergens or hazardous ingredients are being handled. It improves both Operator safety and reduces the risk of cross-contamination, and thereby consumer safety.


We also supply Discharge Valves which equip Silos and Hoppers with this Cone Valve technology. Visit the Discharge Valve page for more information.