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Sports Nutrition


As the market for Sports nutritional products expands, it brings with it the need to increase capacity and deal with recipe variety, whilst still maintaining the product quality that the customer demands, at the right price. With an increasing amount of products containing minor ingredients or allergens, it can be challenging to manage changeovers and clean-downs without incurring lots of wasted time, which ultimately means cost. Matcon IBC's



Our Sports Nutrition customers have benefitted from reducing waste, increasing productivity and improving the bottom line. Particular benefits include:


  • Efficiency gains as there is no lost-time to cleaning. With Matcon’s innovative approach to in-bin powder blending, recipe changeovers are instantaneous, even when handling allergens or strong flavours. There is no longer any need to stop production to clean down.
  • Reduction in Inventory and WIP. High numbers of SKUs can result in campaign manufacturing which is expensive and risky. IBC Blending offers complete manufacturing flexibility at no environmental cost.
  • Short lead times and make to order capabilities regardless of recipe complexity.
  • Removal of cross-contamination risks associated with fixed mixers, enabling straightforward handling of allergens and strong flavourings.
  • Trouble-free discharge of all recipes, even with whey and protein powders which are dusty and commonly difficult to handle or discharge in bulk, due to the unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC.
  • Secure powder transfer as discharge is made using mass flow, which means that the mix will not segregate ensuring a quality product every time and no yield losses.
  • Hygienically designed IBCs to pharmaceutical standard, offering high levels of containment to GMP standards.
  • Adaptable for the Future Matcon’s IBC based powder blending and transfer system can be modified, expanded or repurposed quite easily, promoting sustainability regardless of what tomorrow brings.

Matcon have delivered solutions for a number of leading Sports Nutrition companies around the world. Regrettably due to non-disclosure agreements, we are unable to reveal specific names or publish any case studies. However, we do have studies from food manufacturers who have faced similar challenges. Click on the links below to access the reports:


Matcon IBC's


    Bakels Bakery manufacturer - efficiently handling allergens, whilst achieving make-to-order without creating Inventory.


    Ingredient manufacturer - a contract manufacturer supplying thousands of recipes with complete production flexibility.


    Boh Tea - reducing the cost of final product by reducing waste and improving the efficiency of handling multiple recipes.