Powder Packer Module


The Matcon Powder Packer module compares favourably for performance with the auger filler packing systems. Change recipes faster than ever before with direct dosing from the Matcon IBC and using simple changeout parts.




Powder Packer

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Designed for:

  • Reducing recipe changeover down-time as there is less to clean and the parts are easy to strip and clean.
  • Small campaign runs & 'make-to-order' possible with quick changeover.
  • Adjustable and controlled feed, for filling bags from 5 to 25 kg at a rate of 1-3 bags/minute.
  • Filling sacks directly from Matcon IBCs without the need for any additional feeders or control mechanisms.
  • Protecting against product segregation during the packing operation, ensuring a quality product in the pack to your customer.
  • Spare change-out parts available to reduce cleaning down-time.
  • Quality assurance from optional sifting & metal detection.






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