Tablet Compression / Capsule Filling / Sachet Filling


The Matcon Cone Valve inside each IBC, in combination with the Matcon Discharge Station, ensures that product can be automatically fed into the tablet press or filling machine without segregation. The Cone Valve promotes controlled flow even when handling notoriously difficult products such as Metformin.


The Matcon IBCs are ideally suited to feeding to both single-sided and double-sided, double-layered tablet presses, capsule and sachet fillers.



Tablet Compression Capsule Filling




Choose a Matcon IBC system for:

Chia Tai Tablet Compressor

  • Avoiding segregation due to the mass-flow discharge promoted by the unique Cone Valve technology.
  • Eliminating unplanned stops because of blocking of products with poor flowability, such as Metformin.
  • Large batch transfers that are controlled and automatic.
  • High processing efficiency.
  • Single-floor and through-floor discharge.




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