Tablet Coating


Tablet coating is a process step where the benefits of full batch tablet handling in IBCs are significant. Compared with traditional drum or ‘box’ handling, significant time saving is achieved, both during loading as well as unloading of the coating system.


By elevating the IBC on a Pillar Lift, or feeding from the floor above, the full coating batch can be automatically loaded into a batch coater in a matter of minutes.



Tablet Coating




Choose a Matcon Tablet IBC system for:

Tablet IBC


  • Quick filling of the Coater - a few minutes vs half an hour or more for drum handling.
  • Matching the capacity of the coater.
  • Reduced number of 'open transfers'.
  • Can be supplied for both single-floor or through-floor operation.
  • Can be supplied with custom designed chutes and other connections.
  • Gravity transfer and gentle handling of uncoated tablets.




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