Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for Powders & Granules


The IBC container is at the centre of the Matcon powder handling system. Designed to be filled and emptied quickly and cleaned off-line, the IBC container enables all the manufacturing processes to happen simultaneously for optimum production efficiency. With the unique Matcon Cone Valve technology inside each one, our IBCs offer controlled discharge and protection against product segregation.



IBCs for Powders & Granules




Choose the Matcon range of stainless steel IBCs for:

Matcon IBC's

  • Transporting material safely between the manufacturing process steps without the risk of contamination entering the IBC container.
  • Dust-free transfer of product from the IBC container to the downstream process equipment. With high containment levels of <1µg.
  • Protecting blends against product segregation due to the promotion of mass-flow discharge.
  • Easy handling using pillar lifts, straddle trucks, stacker trucks, forklifts or AGVs.



The Range:


The Matcon IBCs are available in a range of sizes from 300L to 3500L, but smaller or larger sizes are available on request. If you would like further information on this range, please do contact us.




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