Dry Granulation


The quality of granules produced by Roll Compaction is directly linked to the quality of the blended powder that is fed to it. The Matcon IBC system is particularly suited to this application thanks to the unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC which ensures discharge without segregation.


The assurance that product will be reliably discharged enables QbD to be achieved, even with more sticky materials.



Dry Granulation








Choose a Matcon IBC system for:

  • Discharge without segregation due to mass-flow discharge created by the unique Cone Valve technology.
  • No bridging and blocking of sticky materials.
  • No need for operator intervention in hammering IBCs to release product.
  • Control of flow filling to a level probe in the compactor in-feed hopper.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Single-floor and through-floor versions



Within the IDEX MPT Group we have shared expertise of roller compaction with Fitzpatrick, which enables us to design interfaces with the minimum of risk for the customer.








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