Matcon IBCs have smooth product contact surfaces and a single piece Cone Valve with no moving parts. The design of the IBC enables quick, easy and effective cleaning and drying.


Cleaning of both the Stainless Steel powder handling IBCs and the polyethylene Tablet IBCs can be done with the same equipment.









Matcon offers a range of IBC Cleaning systems, from a simple wash lid to a fully automated wash booth, including:


  • A manual wash lid & lance (slave lid) - high pressure jets spray water in a controlled and repeatable pattern.
  • A wet wash station provides a complete inside wash and dry without removing the IBC Cone Valve.
  • Drainage frame incorporating a ‘cone lifter’ to enable the outlet to be cleaned.
  • Automatic or manual wash lance operation.
  • A complementary Service Skid incorporating various options including detergent addition and air drying.
  • Clean in Place equipment.




Powders & Granules product module range...





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