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API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)


API solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry


The Pharmaceutical API manufacturing process – sometimes referred to as Primary Pharmaceuticals – commonly involves reaction of powder with solvents, followed by various drying processes. This produces the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) which is the chemically active substance of a drug.

Matcon’s IBC systems have the unique ability to be able to handle the solvent rich, “wet cake” solids between the centrifuge and drying processes, as well as the powders before reaction and after drying. This enables the contents of any reactor to be transferred to any dryer using IBCs.


It is this flexibility of production, combined with the ability to discharge the full range of API bulk solids from IBCs in a controlled and contained manner, that has made Matcon the choice for many major blue-chip pharmaceutical API companies.


Matcon offers a complete range of IBC solutions for the industry, including dispensary systems as well as having the knowledge and experience to successfully interface with every process step: reaction, centrifuge, drying, milling, sieving and packing.


Matcon’s unique combination of IBC technology, expertise and decades of experience offers our customers high quality and proven solutions for:

  • Complete and automatic discharge of solvent rich, 'wet cake' solids


  • Containment (with the ability to achieve containment to less than 1 microgram where required)


  • Nitrogen Purging


  • Clean In Place (CIP)

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing facility, or design a new one, we would be happy to provide you with ideas and solutions to help improve your production efficiency, quality and safety.


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