Parallel Processing


Parallel processing means decoupling each of the manufacturing stages so that Filling, Blending, Packing and Cleaning can take place simultaneously. The synchronised processes mean that no time is wasted.


The Matcon system uses IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to transport material between manufacturing steps, so that each of the process stages is in operation at all times. This is in contrast to pneumatic conveying or in-line coupled process lines which have all stages working sequentially and result in significant amounts of time wasted in waiting for each process step to be completed. The in-line/vertical system is only as good as its weakest link.


Key benefits of parallel processing are:

  • Production flexibility for rush orders
  • Optimum utilisation, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) around 80%
  • ‘Make to Order’ not Campaign
  • Reduced process Inventory
  • Assured product quality


Matcon have helped many global companies around the world to increase their operational flexibility, so that they are able to move from one production stream to another at a minutes’ notice.


When discharging blended or mixed powder to the packing stage, the Cone Valve protects it against segregation, so the consistency of the finished mix is retained throughout the discharge process, resulting in a quality product in the final pack.



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As there is no waiting time between one process step and another, there is no need to create WIP/WIQ to overcome any bottleneck issues. A reliable and consistent Takt Time can be achieved with every process running efficiently as IBCs can be directed appropriately to keep a constant supply and flow of product.


Because the product is fully contained within the IBC there is no risk of cross-contamination, which means that a number of batches of different recipes can ‘run’ through the processing line all at the same time. This offers much more manufacturing flexibility than fixed sequential lines.


For some of our customers we have seen up to a 300% improvement in efficiency gains, without the need for more floor-space to accommodate additional equipment.


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