Packing Line Refill Module


Designed for discharging IBCs directly to high speed packing lines without the need for additional screw feeders. Because the discharge is automatically regulated, and delivers a consistent, controlled feed, the packing machines are able to operate efficiently, thereby maximising their throughput.




Packing Line Refill

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Designed for:

  • Protecting against product segregation for a quality product in the final pack.
  • Consistent, controlled feed enabling packing lines to maximise throughput without the use of screw feeders. Prevents choking or head-load variation.
  • Helps reduce changeover down-time as the system is decoupled for maximum flexibility.
  • Automatic control, the discharge process responds to signals from a level probe in the packing line feed hopper.
  • Controlled flow of powder, there is no risk of flushing or bridging in the IBC even without screw feeders.
  • Dust-free transfer of product.






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