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Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of companies around the world in a range of industries from plastics and chemicals to metal powders helping them with their solids handling needs.


Whether you’re handling dry iron sulphate in IBCs on a scientific research ship in the Southern Ocean or chopped up car tyres for recycling - Matcon have provided the solution. In recent years, our equipment supply has diversified to include systems for the formulation of numerous refractory materials, the dosing and mixing of specialty ingredients for revolutionary carpeting, and many other niche manufacturers challenged to provide Lean and cost effective handling solutions. The Matcon IBC Systems have provided superior powder handling capabilities and given these customers an edge towards Operational Excellence.


Even though these industries are producing different end-products, the challenges they face in powder handling are very similar. All have a need for safety, sustainability, containment, efficient mixing and maintaining blend homogeneity during the discharge process.

Matcon IBC's


Time and again the Matcon IBC Systems have proven themselves to be effective thanks to:


  • The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC that can handle practically any type of powder, even mixtures with poor flowability, helping to improve production efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of segregation due to the cone valve providing a mass-flow of powder during the discharge stage, maintaining the blend homogeneity right through to the final finished product, thereby reducing yield losses and product costs.
  • In-bin blending offering efficiency gains as there is no clean-down time. With lower power consumption than static mixers and a higher output of batches per hour, an IBC Blender will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Hygienically designed with a fully contained transfer system, providing an improved environment for employees, less waste and disposal costs.
  • Purpose designed electronic Tracking System for batch traceability, safety and full manufacturing efficiency, helping you to achieve top quality ‘right first time’ products.

Matcon have been supplying equipment to many large worldwide Chemical Corporations including BASF, Bayer, CIBA and DSM for 30 years. Originally supplying Silo Discharge devices (Matcon Discharge Valves) our business evolved alongside these companies, who began to develop huge product portfolios of high value with diversified speciality ingredients which required a full Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) solution.


The automatic, dust-free powder handling provided by the Matcon IBC system is particularly beneficial in the Battery Industry, where the individual components are potentially dangerous for operators during critical process steps. This reduced risk of exposure further supports companies role in Operational Excellence.


The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC promotes mass-flow, creating discharge with no segregation. This is a vital benefit, particularly when processing high purity silica for manufacturing solar panels, giving our customers a competitive edge through assured product quality.


Matcon technology has been successfully installed in plants around the world handling the most challenging powders and fibres. Despite their very industrial, heavy duty nature, the end product is commonly used in extremely high-tech environments such as Aerospace, Electronics or Medical Services. Efficiency, safety and sustainability are as strong a requirement as it is in the Food & Pharmaceutical sectors. Guaranteed durability and quality of the final product are therefore of the utmost importance. Matcon are naturally very proud to form an essential part in the process chain for such vital manufacturing.


Another major challenge within this field is the very difficult flowing nature of many ultra-fine metal and fibrous friction materials. The Matcon Cone Valve has proven time after time to overcome flow issues which other systems simply cannot. Reliable technology improves operator safety as the staff do not to intervene to make the system work. Full-scale testing is available to prove the functionality in all regards prior to plant implementation.


If you have any questions about how your company can benefit from Matcon technology or you need further information, please do contact us!