Matcon & Lean Manufacturing


Lean powder handling and processing means eliminating anything that does not create value for the end product. Installing a Matcon IBC system will enable you to successfully adopt Lean Manufacturing processes thereby maximising your profits by making to order.


The aim is to keep production efficiency and flexibility as high as possible whilst reducing any scrap or waste to a minimum to reduce the cost per kilogram manufactured.


Key LEAN benefits of a Matcon System are:

  • Optimised OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Ability to produce to order & control inventory
  • Right first time, every time
  • Improved manufacturing flow & information flow
  • Increased profits


Matcon have helped many global companies around the world to increase their operational flexibility, so that they are able to move from one production stream to another at a minutes’ notice.


When discharging blended or mixed powder to the packing stage, the Cone Valve protects it against segregation, so the consistency of the finished mix is retained throughout the discharge process, resulting in a quality product in the final pack.



Lean Powder Handling Video

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Because the Matcon system decouples the manufacturing processes a recipe change can be made simply and quickly with the minimum of cleaning down-time. This allows production to be scheduled for ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing, thereby significantly reducing expensive inventory, and reducing tied up capital.

In addition, should there be any quality issue in any part of the process, then just a small batch is scrapped rather than a whole campaign.


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