Formulation System


The Matcon Flexi-batch Batching system provides automatic preparation of recipe ingredients off-line. Ideal for delivering an accurate and cost effective flexible recipe batching system, whilst reducing the time-consuming weighing processes and minimising the risk of human error.




Batching System

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Designed for:

  • Automate the preparation of batch ingredients from 10-1000kg with a programmable batching system.
  • Accurately deliver multiple recipes.
  • Reduce the risk of human error in preparing batching quantities.
  • Reduce the amount of operator time needed to create batches.
  • Give full batch traceability & security.
  • Enable multiple recipes to be handled simultaneously as the system is fully contained.




Matcon supply a range of different batching systems to accommodate a wide diversity of dosing ranges.


The design of the Formulation System is dependent upon the throughput rates, number of raw ingredients involved and accuracy levels required.


Batching System Batching System

The concurrent batching system provides a rapid filling
of multiple IBCs

The sequential batching system provides the automatic filling
of a single IBC






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