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We are seeing that food manufacturers are having to handle an ever increasing number of recipes and new ingredients, driven by today's consumers who are seeking new and interesting tastes and flavours driving these same manufacturers to offer innovative new products without compromising on product quality and Operator safety.


Matcon IBC's


But how can manufacturers produce small batches to order, handle a wide product portfolio, minimise waste, all whilst accommodating ingredients that have an allergen risk or need to meet Kosher or Halal standards.



Time and again, the Matcon IBC systems have proven themselves to be ideally suited to these significant process and hygiene challenges thanks to:


  • A decoupled system enabling process steps to take place simultaneously - what we call 'Parallel Processing'. In LEAN terms this helps reduce the waste associated with a subsequent process waiting for the other.
  • In-bin blending removing the need for a full clean-down between recipes offering considerable efficiency gains compared to conventional static mixers. With lower power consumption and a higher output of batches per hour, an IBC Blender can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • A supplementary Intensifier to the blender that can handle sticky mixtures or liquid additions and small ingredient inclusions.
  • The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC that can handle practically any type of powder, including poor-flowing mixtures.
  • The ability to handle any powder type allows for continued innovation of recipes and products whilst ensuring processes are not compromised, the formulation can be changed to adapt to Customer needs with confidence the IBC solution can keep up.
  • Discharge station ensures complete IBC emptying, reducing wasted product left in the processing system.
  • Reduced risk of segregation giving a consistent product quality, vital as quality demands tighten, reducing waste from rejected batches.
  • Hygienically designed IBCs for fast and safe cleaning, to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Air wash system allows IBC cleaning without the use of water, helping our Customers increase the sustainability of their processes.
  • Closed system at all times reducing the risk of dust and cross-contamination increasing operator safety and ensuring product quality.
  • Purpose designed electronic Tracking System for batch traceability, safety and full manufacturing efficiency. This removes the risk of mistakes, costly recalls and ensures product quality.

Many companies in these sectors have tried to 'decouple' their manufacturing processes by using some kind of container or big bag to break the chain between mixing and packing. But due to the dusty and sticky nature of the products, most have simply failed to make it work.


5 ways to improve flexibility and profits

We will be publishing a number of reports which share our experiences that we have gained from working with Food Ingredients companies around the world. If you would like to be added to the mailing list in order to receive any of these reports, then please sign up below:


Matcon IBC's


    Report 1: How to achieve more flexible manufacturing using parallel processing - explaining how decoupling the process steps enables the efficient handling of recipe changes.


    Report 2: Boost profits by mixing efficiently - using in bin blending to improve OEE rates as cleaning between recipe changes no longer necessary.


    Report 3: Powder packing systems for faster changeovers and agile manufacturing - review how small batch runs can be most efficiently packed.


    Report 4: Resolving and fixing powder handling issues - how to overcome the traditional powder handling problems of segregation, bridging, flushing and ratholing.


    Report 5: A fully integrated IBC Tracking and Recipe Controls solution - presenting the safest approach to ensuring that quality standards are met.