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As consumers are influenced by global food trends they seek an ever increasing diversity of tastes and flavours. This means more complex, as well as more frequent changes, of recipes which can result in high manufacturing costs and excessive inventory. Matcon IBC's


At the same time, the increasing use of allergen products means that manufacturers, now more than ever, need to have very high hygiene standards in order to safeguard consumers.


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Time and again the Matcon IBC Systems have proven themselves to be effective thanks to:


  • A decoupled system enabling process steps to take place simultaneously - what we call 'Parallel Processing'.
  • In-bin blending offering efficiency gains as there is no clean-down time between recipes and one mixer can serve 4-6 packing lines at once, responding to demand from the line.
  • A supplementary Intensifier to the blender that can handle sticky mixtures or liquid additions and small ingredient inclusions.
  • The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC that can handle practically any type of powder, whether free-flowing or poor-flowing.
  • Reduced risk of segregation due to the cone valve providing a mass-flow of powder during the discharge stage, giving a consistently good quality product to your consumers.
  • Trouble-free discharge of all recipes, even those which are dusty and commonly difficult to handle or discharge in bulk.
  • Flexibility of batch sizes, the Matcon IBCs can accommodate a range of fill levels and the blenders can accommodate multiple sizes of IBC, giving total flexibility.
  • Hygienically designed IBCs to pharmaceutical standard.
  • Purpose designed electronic Tracking System for batch traceability, safety and full manufacturing efficiency.


5 ways to improve flexibility and profits

We will be publishing a number of reports which share our experiences that we have gained from working with Food Ingredients companies around the world. If you would like to be added to the mailing list in order to receive any of these reports, then please sign up below:


Matcon IBC's


    Report 1: How to achieve more flexible manufacturing using parallel processing - explaining how decoupling the process steps enables the efficient handling of recipe changes.


    Report 2: How to keep packing running efficiently - exploring how a single blender can supply multiple packing lines and keep the flow of product constant


    Report 3: How pre-mixing can reduce manual handling - looking at the use of premixing & dosing to replace frequent manual weighments of the micro & minor ingredients.


    Report 4: Resolving and fixing powder handling issues - how to overcome the traditional powder handling problems of segregation, bridging, flushing and ratholing.


    Report 5: A fully integrated IBC Tracking and Recipe Controls solution - presenting the safest approach to ensuring that quality standards are met.