Matcon Discharge Valves


Discharge valves are designed to be fitted to Silos and Hoppers to equip them with Cone Valve technology so that the powder discharge can be a more controlled process. Product is discharged without segregation and any naturally occurring bridging in the powder is overcome by the integral cone valve vibration.




Discharge Valve


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Designed for:

  • Fully automatic, controlled flow of powders from Silos and Hoppers.
  • Promoting 'mass-flow' to protect blended mixes.
  • No risk of flushing or bridging.
  • Managing even 'difficult to handle' powders.
  • Accurately dosing & metering via discharge valve control system.
  • Fail-safe shut-off of material.
  • Dust-tight operation.
  • Robust & reliable - no silo bands or flexibles are used with the discharge valves.
  • Discharge valves available in a range of sizes from 570mm to 2.5m diameter.






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