IBC Cleaning Module


The IBCs are designed to be washed off-line, thereby reducing cleaning down-time. We supply washing systems that are suitable for a food grade IBC through to pharmaceutical applications. We also have a range of solutions from simple manual operations to fully automated wet & dry washing stations.




IBC Cleaning


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Designed for:

  • A Manual Wash Lid & Lance (slave lid) - high pressure jets spray water in a controlled and repeatable pattern.
  • A Wet Wash Station provides a complete inside wash and dry without removing the IBC Cone Calve.
  • Drainage frame incorporating a 'cone lifter' to enable the outlet to be cleaned.
  • Automatic or manual wash lance operation.
  • A complementary Service Skid incorporating various options.
  • Typical wash and dry cycle 20 - 30 minutes depending on material.
  • An Air Wash Station.
  • Using pressurised air supplied through a lance & nozzle arrangement.
  • Removes particles of powder dust and residue.
  • 'Waste' collected in dust extraction unit.
  • Typical wash cycle takes 6-10 minutes depending on material.
  • Clean in Place Discharge Station Wash hood.
  • Cleans the internal surface of discharge station hoppers without needing to remove them.
  • Smart and practical solutions for COP also available.






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