IBC Blending Module


The Matcon IBC blending module eliminates the time-consuming cleaning associated with traditional static mixers such as ribbon blenders or cone blenders. As product is blended within the IBC itself the Blender is considered to be a ‘non-contact’ part requiring no cleaning between recipe changes.




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Designed for:

  • Tumble-blending on a 360° asymmetric axis to produce a homogenous mix directly within a Matcon IBC.
  • Rapid batch changeovers as there is no cleaning between recipes. Any recipe mixed, at any time.
  • No risk of cross-contamination as the recipe is fully contained within the IBC, unlike ribbon blenders which need a full clean-down between recipes.
  • High OEE as IBCs are prepared and discharged separately from the blending process, minimising the time for loading and unloading the Blender compared to a ribbon blender or other fixed mixer.
  • Material is fully discharged from the IBC, resulting in minimal amount of ‘waste’ compared to some fixed Mixer types
  • Additional Intensifier available to provide High Shear blending where necessary to expand the blending capability for liquid additions.
  • The ability to bin blend batches from 300L to 3100L
  • Reduced facility costs as the IBC Blender can easily be accommodated in a small room or securely installed alongside the other IBC equipment, reducing the footprint compared to ribbon blenders or cone blenders






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